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Use and care instructions

For everyday cleaning:

Any impurity should be removed with a soft cloth immediately. Stains should be washed off with warm water, for cleaning use microfiber cloth and regular detergent or cleaning liquid for household (Cif, Ajax, Mr.Muscle, Meglio or similar). Clean the surface with circular movements.

For persistant stains and stains made from liquid spills like coffee, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, red wine, ketchup, ink, ball-pen...

Spill stains should be removed immediately with a soft cloth and the surface rinsed with warm water. For persistant stains on opaque surfaces use cleaning sponge (Vileda Glitzi) and a solution of bleach (3/4 bleach : 1/4 water) or a fine abrasive cleaning product. Rinse the surface few times with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. For shiny surfaces use a soft cloth and a fine polishing liquid.

Hard water stains

For hard water stains use household limescale remover (bathroom cleaning products). Apply the remover and let act for 2-3 minutes. Wipe with a soft cloth making circular movements. Then rinse the surface with warm water few times and dry with a soft cloth.

Scratches and cuts

Never cut directly on the granmatrix kitchen top. Always usa a cutting board. Traces of everyday use like scratches and cuts will be more visible on darker and intense colour tops than on bright colour tops with pattern

Granmatrix is a homogenous material, its surface is completely renewable and smaller stains and cuts could be removed. Such surface rework requires some skill and adequate rotating polishing device, so the best way is to have it done by a service that mounted the top.

Deeper cuts and scratches should be grinded with a sand paper of 180-220 fineness until removed. Then continue grinding with 320-400, 600 fineness. After that clean the whole surface with a fine abrasive cleaner. Shiny surfaces should be worked with a grinding paper fineness of 600-800 and over. To obtain uniform surface of the product, all visible surfaces should be grinded/polished.

Download pdf - Use and care instuctions